Journal for August 11th, 2001

We feel much better after a good night's sleep, had some time to put together all the videos from the whole trip. I hope you enjoy them:

Sunday, Aug 5th

At our stop in Westport, there was an auction happening for some of the carvings, here is a clip of the auction in action.

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Tuesday, Aug 7th

Everyone got a chance to look at, and sit in the new MINI, here is the Vancouver Mini Club around the new MINI.

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Tuesday, Aug 7th

For the meet photo, we had pictures taken with and without the new MINI, here it is driving away from the photo shoot.

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Tuesday, Aug 7th

After the photo shoot, all the Minis left the field, scattering everywhere.

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Wednesday, Aug 8th

From our hotel room, we saw an awesome display of what the wind does to the sand in Florence. 

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Wednesday, Aug 8th

Another shot with the camera held steady

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Wednesday, Aug 8th

At the Funkhana, here is an example of part of the course.

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Thursday, Aug 9th

Larry Sandham at the Auto Cross, making the fastest run of the day.

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Thursday, Aug 9th

Rob Fram in his Moke

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Thursday, Aug 9th

Chris driving Rob's Moke

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