Journal for August 10th, 2001

Last night was a late night, and still managed to upload the current days updates. After only 4 hours sleep, I went down to the hospitality suite to check out the continental breakfast. Everyone looked worn out and ready for their trips home.

After many good bye's, and packing up our Mini to the hilt, we headed off to Fred Myers to see if we could fit any more in. We did manage, and what a squeeze. Also had to take a picture of the sand dune behind the store. Finally heading out at 11am for home.

We stopped for a bite to eat at Burgerville, just north of Eugene, Oregon. How American eh! When we got to Portland, it was just in the middle of rush hour, what a mistake, the engine started overheating, so we took an off ramp to who knows where and found some shade and rested for a bit. It was VERY hot. All in all, it took 2 hours to get through Portland.

The last photo was at a rest stop just before the sun went down. A fitting farewell picture for the end of our journey. We kept driving, straight through till 2am. The total cost of fuel from Florence, Oregon to Maple Ridge, BC was $22 US. The total miles put on the car was 1335.

I hope you have all enjoyed Mini Meet West 2001 as much as we have, I would really like to pass on a big congratulations to the OMS and all the volunteers to make it all possible. It is a tremendous undertaking, it was a job well done. Congratulations!

I still have a bunch of mpeg videos, so I will compile them tomorrow and put them up for viewing. G-nite for now, John G.

IMG_3772 IMG_3773 IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3777
IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_3782 IMG_3783
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