Journal for August 9th, 2001

Went for a late night beach walk after updating the website, so the first picture is the strange sand formations made by the wind.

On to today's events. The autocross was supposed to be at the High School, but had to be changed due to paving that was supposed to happen today, so the Meet organizers managed to move it to the elementary school just south, with a changed course and everything. It all came together seamlessly for the entrants, but I am sure the OMS organizers had a PANIC of a job of it. WELL DONE OMS !!!

The event went fantastic, with cars being run through very quickly. Everyone got in 3 runs each. There were 6 classes of cars, which were categorized by a point system of what you had on your car. Worked very well.

The fastest unofficial time was by Crazy Mike who took a school board superintendent for a ride. If you know Mike, You know what I mean! I think the superintendent had to change his shorts after! It was a scary run.

You will have to check the OMS website for all the Prizes and awards. I didn't get them in time for this update.

The Autocross actually ended early and gave us some extra time for fun stuff. I finally got to try my new kite I picked up at Cannon beach. It was a blast, Craig from Craig's Auto tried it too, and managed to whack himself in the nose when he crashed the kite.

The Queen (Jane House) made an appearance at the Banquet, arriving in a cavalcade of Minis. 

The Eric Lindquist Award (exceptional helper) was presented by Eric's mother, a moving presentation.

After all the awards were handed out, I was surprized to win second place in the peoples choice in my category at the car show. Then we gathered all the Canadians at the banquet for a picture. The last happening is the continental breakfast tomorrow morning, then it's farewell to all till next year.

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