Journal for August 7th, 2001

First day of the meet, starting at 9:00am. The NEW Mini made an appearance and drew quite the crowd. Later on, everyone wanted their photo taken in it, so I obliged. It was surprisingly comfortable too. It looked good on me.

There were 2 main groups, Concourse, and People's Choice. Most went in People's Choice. Only 18 cars went in the Concourse

There was a lunch provided which grew to a very long line very quickly, the food was fun to eat too. Due to the wind being very strong, a couple of people ended having their plates of food blown up on their chests! 

The group photo was done after the judging, with and without the drivers, and then with and without the NEW Mini in the front.

After the photo shoot, most went over the the location for the Rallye start. It took a while getting started, but we all eventually left the starting blocks.

The first checkpoint involved a test of your navigators skills to instruct. Paper or Plastic? The driver had to wear a bag over his/her head and drive a short course marked out with cones, with the navigator telling them where to go. What Fun!

There was a very long delay at each car went through the course. Which caused a lot of people to drop out of the Rallye, including us. It was a long day and there was still the pub night to go. 

The pub wasn't really ready for everyone at the same time, so it ended up crowded and smokey. So again we opted to bail out again and went to another place with a gathering of Minis. It felt like a long day, just time to update this page and go to bed.

Goodnight for now, John G.

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