Journal for August 6th, 2001

Good morning Astoria! Getting ready to get back on the road to Florence. Last leg, over the south bridge and we're gone. 

First stop was at Cannon Beach, really quaint and interesting, sort of like White Rock and Steveston mixed together. Found an old kite shop and picked up a "Slingshot" foil 2 string kite. After an hour here, we got back on the road to a heavy drizzle, very wet and cold, lots of fog too. 

We passed through one small town and found it interesting to see "used guns wanted". In a few hours we arrived at the Driftwood Shores and had no problem finding everyone there. Washed the little beast and picked up our goodie bag. Then off to dinner with Craig and Wendy.

While at the restaurant, Craig was identified by the ad in the MMW program by Dave Cushman, who is from Illinois, I knew I had heard this name before, and then I remembered it was from the Mini-List email group.

So hang on, tomorrow it all starts, John G.

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