Journal for August 5th, 2001

Sunday morning, Jacquie's birthday! Had breakfast in Olympia at the Ramada Inn and left about 12:45pm. The weather looked pretty good, but decided to dress warm anyways as we were heading for the coast again. 

This time to Westport, where we were going to end up anyways. We found a really neat place where lots of wood chainsaw carvers sell there wares. It was really quite amazing! After a good look around, we decided to leave because it was now pouring rain. Got into our cars and the windows fogged up immediately. It took us a while to dry out, but we were on our way to Raymond at 5:30pm

Another pit stop and we continued on to Astoria after venturing out to Ilwaco, where we didn't find anything interesting. So it made sense when we went out to Cape Disappointment, it was true.

Traveling over the Columbia river bridge (5 miles long), we arrived at our Motel, all 4 of us went out for dinner where Tom ordered a 4pc chicken plate with fries, that made him look like a potato farmer! He got almost halfway through his meal.

Tomorrow we will arrive at Florence Oregon if all goes well.

Till then, John G.

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