Journal for August 4th, 2001

Today started out a bit slow, we didn't get on the road till 1pm. Then it took over an hour to get through customs. From that point on, it went pretty good, down the I-5 to Mount Vernon, and headed over to Whidbey Island. We just missed the 7pm ferry and had to wait till 8pm for the next one. Hence the artistic post/chain/sky pictures. Half an hour later, the ferry docks in Port Townsend. 

There were no Motels to be found with vacancies, so we headed to Sequim. Here we had a rude awakening of finding out we should have booked ahead, there were no places to stay anywhere within 200 miles! Especially in the direction we wanted to travel. After spending 45 minutes on the phone trying over 30 places, we finally found a Ramada Inn in Olympia, you guessed it, 200 miles away.

On the way along Hwy 101, we caught up to a familiar looking vehicle. We were surprised to see Tom Murphy in his 1961 Morris Mini Traveller. Licence plate O2B BIG. Not bad eh?

After pulling over, we found out they had a similar experience, Tom had problems getting his car roadworthy and left late also, and to top it off, they didn't make any bookings ahead either. So they followed us to Olympia in hope that there would still be another room for them.

Well it worked, 1am we roll into Olympia and they managed to get a room also. WHAT A DAY!

Lets hope tomorrow goes better. It's late, signing off for now, John G.

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