Our Mini Meet experience
by John & Jacquie Goolevitch

This is a day by day journal of John & Jacquie on our trip and experiences of Mini Meet. Join us as we share our experiences as they happen each day. Updates will be every evening.

Map: Green line was planned
Red line is actual
Blue line is return trip

Aug 4th, Sat  First day on the road, we will leave Maple Ridge, BC and head to the USA border.
Full Story and pictures
Aug 5th, Sun Traveled from Olympia (see previous story) to Astoria.
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Aug 6th, Mon Finally arrived in Florence
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Aug 7th, Tues First day of the meet, Concours & Rallye
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Aug 8th, Wed Second day at the meet, today is the Funkhana.
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Aug 9th, Thur Last day of the meet, the Autocross, and the Banquet
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Aug 10th, Fri The trip home, all in one day!
Full Story and pictures
Aug 11th, Sat A library of Mpeg videos gathered from the trip
I hope everyone enjoyed following us on our trip to Mini Meet West '01, we did. OMS did a great job this year and I would like to thank them for all their efforts to make this enjoyable for all those who attended. I hope all those who couldn't make it, enjoyed our journal of the event.

Now to finish my son's Mini still under restoration, you can follow the completion of our work on our webcam at: http://jj.trideja.com  Thanks for coming along on our trip, till next time, goodbye from John & Jacquie.